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A Japanese language school in Soka, Saitama, near Tokyo​
We support you who want to study in Japan!
Shintoshin International Japanese Language School (SIJ) is located in the center of Soka City, Saitama Prefecture, adjacent to the international city of Tokyo.
The Tobu Skytree Line takes 19 minutes to Ueno, 29 minutes to Akihabara, and 35 minutes to Tokyo.
From the Seven-storied school building along with Ayase River, you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree and Mt. Fuji.


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Regular Study Abroad Course
Wishing higher study in Japan!
This course is designed for students who wish to study Japanese language properly and want to enter in a Japanese university, graduate school or vocational school, etc.
  • Enrollment period: April/October
  • Each level from beginner to advanced


Entrance Guide


for Regular Course
You need to obtain a student visa.
To obtain a visa, you must have to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility beforehand, and please be careful about that the deadline is earlier than expected.


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Unique Education Style

  In order for students to pursue active learning, they will be connected with teachers and facilitators who will help them carry out student-directed peer learning (collaborative learning) in their Japanese language studies. This is a unique system created by SIJ, which doesn’t exist at other schools.

Professional Admission Guidance

  At SIJ, professional counselors will provide students guidance on college advancement based on their aptitudes and aspirations, and will provide continued support until they are successfully placed.
  School admissions officers of university/vocational schools will be invited to the school to consult directly with students. For those who want to work for Japanese companies, we will introduce safe and well respected places of employment and employment consultation centers

Interaction with the Local Community

  As a part of goodwill exchange between SIJ students and local people, various efforts are being made for international understanding education at elementary, middle and high schools. We will also offer an “Introductory Course on Teaching Japanese” for local Japanese volunteers to teach SIJ students on nights and weekends.

Perfect Attendance Award and Highest Award

  SIJ, students who work hard and show progress are rewarded. For example, students who have achieved 100% attendance without being late or absent during their enrollment period will receive a full-attendance award. Other awards will be given to those who excel in regular examinations at the school, and those who exhibit excellent learning attitudes. We also provide information on various private scholarships and financial aid.

Illness and Accident Response

  Each student may join the National Health Insurance program, and also the mutual aid system for international students. As a result, medical expenses are virtually free. Students will also be covered for traffic accident injuries.

Introduction of Student Dormitories and Part-time Jobs

  Low cost student housing can be made available to SIJ students who are in financial need. In addition, we can introduce good part-time jobs with respectable businesses. We believe SIJ students are more successful if they can study, work and live without worry.