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Various Procedures

in Japan Life

We will guide you through various procedures required for foreigners to live in Japan,
such as immigration / residence procedures, resident registration, and enrollment in National Health Insurance.

Residence card

   It will be issued when you submit your Certificate of Eligibility, passport, and visa at the immigration inspection at the airport when you enter Japan.
  This card is issued to foreigners who stay for a medium to long term.

   If you would like to work part-time, please also submit an application for permission to work outside the status of qualification at immigration.

  You do not need to carry your passport with you during your stay in Japan, but you must always carry your residence card with you.

  When you receive your residence card, please submit your address notification at the window of the city / ward office where you live within 14 days.

National Health Insurance

  After reporting your address, you need to apply for National Health Insurance immediately at the window of the ward / city hall of your place of residence. A residence card and passport are required for the procedure.
   By taking out insurance, international students can receive 70% of the treatment cost when they go to a medical institution due to illness or injury, just like Japanese people.
​   As a general rule, you should join the National Health Insurance from the day you arrive in Japan.

My number

   My Number (Mai namba a.k.a. Social Security and Tax Number) is a 12-digit number designated by each municipality or special ward as an individual identification number to its residents in Japan.
  It will be issued even if you are a foreigner when you register your address at the window of the ward / city hall of your place of residence.
  You may be required to submit it when you work part-time or at the ward / city hall, so please keep the "Notification Card" and "Individual Card" with your personal number in a safe place.

Part-time Work
(Permission to engage in activities other than those permitted under the status of residence)

   Students whose status of residence is "Student" is allowed to work part-time up to 28 hours per week, but they must obtain permission to engage in activities other than those permitted under the status of residence.

  Doing part-time work without permission or exceeding the required hours is an offense against the status of residence and you will be disqualified from continuing your study in Japan.   The permission is valid as long as your status of residence is "Student" and you are enrolled in school and attending classes.
  It is recommended that you submit a non-qualified activity permit application to the immigration inspector, as you can get it immediately if you apply at the airport at the time of entry.
   If you do not apply at the airport, you will have to apply to the Immigration Bureau at a later date, but it will take about a month to obtain it. Please consult with the school staff for how to apply after the fact.

Open a Bank Account

   We recommend opening a bank account when you arrive in Japan.
   It is necessary to pay for water, electricity, and telephone bill and you need a bank account in various situations such as when you work part-time, to extend your visa, exchange money with your home country, receive a scholarship, etc.
  You will need to bring your residence card with you when opening a bank account.

Mobile Phone Purchase

   You need your phone number when looking for a job in Japan. In addition, it is very convenient because you will be asked for contact information in various procedures necessary for living in Japan.
  The form of contract for obtaining a phone number varies depending on the length of stay in Japan.
  Shintoshin International Japanese School helps students to purchase mobile phones. Even if you can't speak Japanese, you can buy a mobile phone with confidence.