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Greetings from the Principal

for Prospective Student

​Message from Mr.Aoki

Greetings from Principal

  The Shintoshin International Japanese Language School (SIJ) was created with three main objectives for a new generation of learners. ​

  First, we created and support a teaching system based on student-centered self-directed study. Instead of offering classes in which students learn passively, we are providing educational tools that allow students to direct and advance their studies as they see fit. The collaborative or “peer” learning model will be based on the new textbooks Tsunagu Nihongo (つなぐにほんご), for beginners, and Theme-based Intermediate-level Learning Japanese(テーマ別中級から学ぶ日本語) for intermediate-level students. We believe our teaching system will allow students to rapidly acquire critical language skills and start communicating in Japanese relatively quickly. ​

   Second, we will provide one-to-one counseling for students in preparation for their future university education and/or career placement. In particular, from the time of admission, each student will be assigned a counselor who will assist them in creating a “study plan” and carefully review the plan with them before each new enrollment period. ​

   Third, as the number of foreign residents grows in Japan and the country becomes more international, we endeavor to help our language students overcome the three main barriers to effective communication between foreign and Japanese people. These barriers include: the language barrier, the institutional barrier, and the mental barrier. Our research suggests that these barriers are best overcome through sensory and information-rich communication with the native people. For that reason, SIJ will be rooted in the local community, encouraging and planning frequent interaction with local people.

  We look forward to your enrollment.
Principal  AOKI Katsuhiro
  Ex-Foundation Labo International Exchange Center, Washington, USA expatriates.
   Engaged in language education for young people and promotion of international exchange since 1974.
  So far the United States 20 states, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China, and visited such as South Korea, planning the international exchange activities of young people, to promote.
  In Japan, after working as Director of Chugoku-Shikoku Bureau of Labo Education Center and Director of Chubu, since 2007, Director of Labo Japanese Language Institute, a Japanese language school for foreigners, which is an affiliated organization of the Public Interest Foundation Labo International Exchange Center.
  Since the same year, various members of Kawaguchi City have been appointed, and now he is the Vice President of the NPO NGO Multicultural Collaboration Center, Kawaguchi City Seijin University International Course Representative, Nishikawaguchi Nihongo Hiroba (Nishikawaguchi Japanese Plaza) Representative, Kawaguchi City High School Part-time department Part-time Teacher Such.